Android application

Our Android application is very easy to use, and it comes preinstalled in our Android tablets. Through our Android application you can manage everything from products to advanced settings. The Android application receives the food orders, and then you can print out a receipt of the order using the wireless receipt printer we provide.

Order reception

The tablet will notify you immediately after an order has been successfully paid. If the customer wishes to fetch the food as soon as possible, you will be able to enter the time when the food can be fetched. Otherwise the order will be fetchable at the time the customer has entered, assuming the time is OK for your restaurant. When the tablet notifies you about the order, you will have the possibility to either accept / cancel an order. The customer can then pick up the food by showing the order number.

Easy payments & billing

At the moment our system supports the following payment methods:
- credit/debit cards
- PayPal

- Bitcoins

By starting to use our system you can accept orders in all of these payment methods. You can freely choose which ones you wish to provide. We have some special deals with some of these payment processors which allows us to provide you with very cheap transaction fees. If you would like to know more about the payment processing fees or you'd like us to integrate another payment method, do not hesitate to contact us.


All order details are encrypted on our servers in order to ensure maximum security. We take hourly backups of our systems to make sure there is no data loss in case of accidents. Also, we provide all restaurants with a free SSL certificate to encrypt the connection between our server and your customers.

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